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  • Multi Ruler

    Multiple function ruler which can be used as a letter opener and book mark. Has a magnet attached so it can be kept on a fridge or filing cabinet.

    From $0.35 To $0.39 Each

  • Magnifying Ruler

    15cm ruler with a magnifying bar which magnifies an individual line of text as it is moved down the page.

    From $0.59 To $0.63 Each

  • 15cm Mini Ruler

    Small plastic ruler with both centimetres and inches.

    From $0.22 To $0.26 Each

  • Flip Ruler

    Conventional 30cm plastic ruler with both centimetres and inches. It has a recessed bottom edge to give a novel flip action so the ruler can easily be picked up from a flat surface.

    From $0.50 To $0.54 Each

  • Pencil Case

    Frosted finish PVC pencil case with a zip closure.

    From $0.65 To $0.73 Each

  • Pencil Sharpener

    Pencil sharpener that holds its own shavings for easy disposal.

    From $0.29 To $0.33 Each

  • Emergency Rain Coat

    Water proof emergency rain coat with a hood which is supplied folded in a compact plastic polybag. Branding is on the polybag with a digitally printed label.

    From $0.87 To $0.95 Each

  • Retractable ID Holder

    Retractable identification holder with a reliable steel spring, an unbreakable cord and a standard dome attachment for holding plastic identification cards.

    From $0.55 To $0.59 Each

  • 30cm Metal Ruler

    Metal ruler with both centimeters and inches which laser engraves to an oxidised White colour.

    From $1.45 To $1.65 Each

  • Car Pen Holder

    Pen holder which clips securely to car air vents. It has a removable clip which is supplied unassembled.

    From $0.57 To $0.65 Each

  • Beetle Clip

    Beetle shaped holder for sun glasses and driving glasses which fits onto vehicle sunvisors.

    From $0.68 To $0.76 Each

  • Puzzle

    A plastic puzzle with sliding tiles. Users can test their skills by reassembling the printed logo.

    From $0.50 To $0.58 Each

  • Fridge Magnet Torch

    Low profile torch with a strong magnet on the back so it will stick securely to a fridge or metal surface. The battery will give about 100 hours of continuous use and is not replaceable.

    From $1.30 To $1.46 Each

  • Coloured Pencil Pack

    Six assorted colour pencils in a cardboard box.

    From $0.45 To $0.49 Each

  • UFO Flyer

    Low cost flying disc ideal for mass market promotions.

    From $0.38 To $0.42 Each

  • Twirly Copter

    Very affordable promotional toy which is simply spun between the hands and it will fly vertically. It flies very well and is supplied unassembled.

    From $0.28 To $0.32 Each

  • Artists set

    Desk Accessories

    From $9.52 To $12.45 Each

  • Chalk in six different colours.

    Desk Accessories

    From $2.44 To $3.19 Each

  • Duo Sticky Note Dispenser

    From $0.80 To $0.80 Each

  • USB Message Fan

    USB Message Fan

    From $5.26 To $5.75 Each

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