Can I add Social Media links to my website?

Yes you can, please provide your url's for each social media and we will add these when setting your website up.

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Can I change the images on the homepage?

Yes. Your new BRANDSite website comes with its own content management system which allows you to change the slider image for one of the 11 preset designed images we have preloaded or upload your own design. You also have a choice from 2 images for each of the 11 categories to use in the 3 category homepage assets. Alternatively if you want to add your own you can also upload these in your content management system.

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Do I have to have all the navigation pages on my website?

No. The Home page, About Us page, Contact Us page are all standard pages on the website but you can choose to display News, Case Studies, Testimonials and FAQ's. If you decided not to have some or all of the pages when your website is first set up you can always add these or change the tab names at a later stage in your CMS tool.

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How many categories can I display in the Category navigation column?

We have a choice of 29 different categories to choose from. We will build your site with the 20 most popular categories but you have the ability in the content management system to add, edit or remove as many as you wish.

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Can I change what sub level categories appear under each category heading?

No. These are preset using the advanced searching features of the Gunweb database. However the Category header name is editable.

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Can I change the background colour of the website?

Yes. If you provide us with a Pantone ref, RGB ref or Web Colour code we will match to the closest web safe colour.

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Gun Web Systems Support Centre

Our help desk has product information and helpfull tips on using our products.  Our helpdesk is avaiable on the following link :

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